The Tomica story starts back in 1970, when model cars mainly referred to imported 1:64 scale models of foreign cars or larger 1:43 scale models of Japanese cars for collectors. It was then that Tomica's founders embarked on their mission to give the children of Japan small die cast cars based on the vehicles produced by Japan's own automobile makers. Tomica products were refreshingly different: modeled on made-in-Japan vehicles, they came in sizes that fit easily in the palm of a child's hand. ​​​​​​​
This project is part of my routine practice. I myself is a die hard fan of Tomica especially the Limited Vintage edition one. There is nothing wrong in my opinion about Tomica logo, I just have too much time in hand at the moment :P

Tomica Limited Vintage box courtesy of: Japan Booster

Some preview on ad. and promotional materials. ​​​​​​​
Before and After
The transformation
Thank you for watching!
(sorry if the red blinding you)
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